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Best MoversMoving can be a stressful process for anyone, and people often need all the help they can get. If someone asks you for help moving call A League of Extraordinary Movers, it does not necessarily mean that you will be hauling heavy furniture down several flights of stairs all on your own. There are many ways you can be of assistance. Help someone who is moving by assessing what kind of help is needed, and offering the kind of aid that makes the best use of your own skills, talents and patience.

Hire A league of Extraordinary Movers, at least a month out so you can plan accordingly. If you have a flexible schedule, play around with potential moving dates and try to find the cheapest time of month to make an appointment.
Help with the packing. If you are unable to help on the move day, try to help your friend get organized.
Collect boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and other necessary moving items.
Go through clothing, furniture, appliances, books and other personal belongings to determine what will be moved and what can be sold or donated.
Start packing the things that will not be immediately needed. You can pack up off season clothing and shoes, picture frames and wall hangings and other items that will not be used before the move date.
Assist in organizing the movers. Whether there are professional movers or just a bunch of friends helping out, give direction when asked.
Check with the person moving about furniture placement so you can help direct the movers at the new house.
You might think your flat screen TV could withstand a 30-minute drive across town in a cardboard box, but alas, it’s a fragile piece of technology. The best way to transport your electronics is in the original boxes they arrived in when you purchased them.

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