Ready to move? Here’s a list that will help you.

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Request a moving quote

Get in touch with A league of Extraordinary Movers and ask them for precise cost estimates after a preliminary visual inspection of your home. Use the free moving cost estimator to make that critical initial contact.

Organize your moving paperwork
Keep all move-related paperwork in a safe place, preferably a special binder that should never leave your side. Your price quotes, receipts, moving contracts, home inventory sheets and other important documents should all be in there.

Change your address with the USPS
Get in touch with the USPS and initiate a change of address procedure. Why? A new home means a new postal address, right? It’s easier than you think: just refer to our change of address checklist and you’ll have this task sorted out in no time.

Make your new address known
Notify important government institutions, businesses, and organizations of your recently changed address. Also, don’t forget to share that essential piece of information with friends and work colleagues. You’ve got options: e-mail, phone, social networks, or best of all – in person.

Transfer your home utilities
Contact all corresponding utility companies and arrange the transfer of all utilities from your current home to the new residence – electricity, water, gas, phone service, Internet, and cable TV.

Cancel delivery services and subscriptions
Cancel subscriptions and delivery services you will no longer need at your old home. For better or worse, remember to discontinue all your current memberships to clubs, gyms or hobby groups.

Get your medical records
Find time in your busy schedule to visit your family doctor so that you can get all the documents required for the registration with a new physician in the new city. Get your dental records as well.

Get school records
Visit the school your child goes to and obtain documentation that you will need to register him or her with a new school. Ask if they can do an inter-school transfer of those records.

Have your pet checked up
Take your dear pet to the vet for a detailed medical check-up before Moving day. Get a copy of the immunization record and discuss whether or not your animal friend may need any anti-anxiety medication on the road.

Organize a moving sale
Consider organizing a moving sale to get rid of all the things you won’t be taking with you. The cash from the garage sale or yard sale will supplem

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