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Having been in the moving industry for close to twenty years, I have learned some practical moving day life hacks that make one of the most stressful experiences somewhat easier. After a long, exhausting day of moving, there are several creature comfort items all of us need immediately on our first night in our new home. Rather than sifting through dozens of corrugated boxes or having to drag yourself to the nearest grocery store, plan ahead by packing two “creature comfort items” supply box. Depending on your family needs, make a list of items to pack in two essential supply boxes (dry and liquids) to get you and your family through the first night. It’s best to use clear plastic containers so you can readily identify the supplies.

Dry container should include:

Bed linens
Bath towels
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Shower curtain
Trash Bags
Box Cutter
Pain killers & Antacids
Pet food (if applicable)
Diapers (if applicable)
Plastic utensils
Paper plates/cups/bowls
Granola bars, crackers, snacks
Electronic chargers
Liquids container should include:

Hand soap
Shampoo and conditioner
Dish soap
Cleaning supplies
Having these items readily available will make your first night in your new home that much easier. Of course, the list can be modified depending our you and your family needs. Something to think about to make your life easier on moving day! So lets all get ready to move with A League of Extraordinary Movers the best in town.


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