Comcast problems!

Is it me or is there anyone else who has a beef with Comcast? They handled hurricane Irma crisis terribly. Personally, I was without internet,phone and cable for almost a mouth. Now I don’t blame them for losing service, but once they told me I was going to be down for over a week. I asked if I could change carriers. They told me they would charge a cancellation fee, hundreds of dollars. Now I know I agreed to a 2 year contract but if the service provider can’t provide the service any longer then I should be released from that contract, but nooo! Comcast had me sit for over 3 weeks without service. First they tried to blame it on FPL, wrong the electric was on in 3 days. Then they asked me do you know where you’re at? I said yes, that’s why I secured my warehouse to protect my customers’ belongings. Also I staged my vehicles into a safe haven so I could get to my customers. Now if Comcast understood where they were at and taken more precautions themselves maybe they could’ve provided better service. So for this reason I’m looking into starting a class action lawsuit. I don’t like doing this but do to lack of professionalism, and mostly their greediness by refusing to let me get another service provider instead of sitting dead in the water for 3 weeks I feel a lawsuit is justified.

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