Basic moving information.

10 Tips for making your Florida move easier.
1.Notify your Postal Service of your new address.
2.Notify Utility Companies and set up a transfer for service at the new location.
3.As mail comes in such bills, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc. call each of these companies as the mail arrives, and notify them of the address change. By doing this the month prior to your move, the task of calling all of these organizations becomes less daunting. It will also ensure you don’t forget to notify important contacts.
4.Notify friends, family and important contacts about the change of address, usually a mass email to all your contacts, as well as sending a message through social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn will make sure your message is delivered to all your important contacts quickly and easily.
5.Get the necessary moving supplies such as boxes, packing tape, permanent markers & bubble wrap.
6.If you have children, notify both the current school and the new school of the impending move and get your child(ren) registered for the new school.
7.Notify employer about the change of address.
8.Begin packing non-essential items-it’s never too soon to start packing in your spare time to alleviate packing in a time crunch!
9.Designate a room, such as a family room, or a section of the garage to move already packed boxes.
10.Gather all vital documents that you do not want to have misplaced during the move. These are your birth certificate, passport, jewelry, etc. Once you’ve gathered these items, open a new safe deposit box close to your new home and deposit these items, so they do not get lost in the shuffle!

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