Great tips for your moving day!

Important things you need to no before hand.
1.Dispose of items that can not be moved, such as combustible containers, flammable liquids, etc.
2.Return any items that do not belong to you-library books, rented movies, friend’s sweater, etc.
3.Pick up dry cleaning and laundry.
4.Open new bank accounts near your new address.
5.Verify transfer of utilities and schedule disconnection of service for the day of the move.
6.If you are moving in/out of an apartment, reserve the elevator for your move.
7.Have several copies of directions/maps to your new house to hand out to helpers and movers. Make sure your cell phone number is also listed, so movers and helpers can contact you if needed.
8.Designate one person to be in charge of directing the mover, this person should be at the house at all times coordinating the moving effort.

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