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Moving tips
1. Moving out for the first time is an emotional rollercoaster that twists ruthlessly between joy and horror, massive excitement and deep anxiety. It’s all good when you’re thinking of having no one around to tell you what to do, but then thoughts like ‘Where do I buy light bulbs’ and ‘Do these look like termites to you?’ start to sneak in. Indeed, moving out of your parents’ house is a major life change, with lots of steps and details to consider- this guide is designed to alleviate the stress and dissolve the mystery of the First Ever Move.
2. While you’ve been living at home, you probably had at least some kind of financial safety net. Now that you’re heading out on your own you need to have a better understanding of what a budget is and how it works. Consider your monthly income, and find out what your average monthly expenses are. Start by listing the non-negotiable payments like your car, groceries, phone bill, and so on. From there you can break down what you’ll need and how much you can afford and want to spend on rent. Plan your budget for moving out- the cost of a moving company or a rental moving truck and purchases you will need to make for your first apartment. Since you’ll likely need to pay a deposit as well as your first month’s rent, tuck away some extra cash in the months leading up to your move.
3. This is one step that many unfortunately miss: a professional moving company will take the hassle and backache out of moving. You have enough to worry about with the rest of the small details, so let a team of full service movers do the work and make your first moving experience a good one. Getting a quote from A league of extraordinary movers will help you factor this expense into your moving budget well in advance, too — so you can stay on top of your finances and make sure you get a good deal on moving coverage to protect your belongings.

moving tips

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