How to pack and move like a pro!

As soon as you learn for sure that there’s a residential move waiting for you in the upcoming months or weeks (or days!), you need to start making some important decisions that will determine just how successful your move turns out to be. There isn’t any time to lose each case of unnecessary procrastination will only bring higher levels of stress later on when Moving day knocks on your door. All you have to do is call A League of Extraordinary Movers at 954-566-1270.

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial decisions, whenever you’re facing a house move, is who will take care of the toughest move-related job there is in this world and the next one – packing. That’s right, you just have to know, well in advance, whether your prized possessions will be packed by professional packers or by you, together with a few friends, maybe. for better or worse, you decide that you’ll be the one boxing up your own things for safe transportation, then you need to also know how to pack for a move like a pro packer. The good news? It’s not usually too complicated. The bad news? It’s not a piece of cake either.

In addition to extensive training, pro packers are good at what they do because they’ve done it so many times – they pack and protect all types of household items on a daily basis. Hence, they have the necessary experience to know where to start the packing process, how to continue it, and where to end it. In other words, they have memorized their own packing timelines, and those timelines work like clockwork.

So, in case you can’t afford professional packing services or you don’t really need them, you’re going to have to come up with a packing sequence of your own so that precious time is not wasted. You need to make sure that each sub-task of yours during the major task of packing up your home is the right one – the one you were supposed to be doing if you yourself were a professional. And to be able to do that, you’re going to need a good packing timeline that you can customize to make it your own.

The best thing about using a well-structured packing calendar is that it will help you optimize the time you’ve got to pack up your home. Okay, you know that you are expected to initiate the packing job as soon as humanly possible (right?), but do you know where to start packing for a move? The storage areas in your home /garage, basement, attic, shed/ should be your starting point, and then you’re recommended to transfer the packing action to the rooms you use the least, and then it’s on to the kitchen as it surely contains more than you think it does.

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